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Twins and Molitor Had Separate Glory 30 Years Ago, Will Pay For One Together This Tuesday

October 1, 2017

“Joe Hardy” will symbolically be in the Minnesota Twins, nee Washington Senators lineup against their tormentors, the New York Yankees in the bogus ‘offs game to be played at the moved Yankee Stadium, this Tuesday night, 66 years after a true playoff game, on October 3, 1951.

Paul Molitor is their manager and maybe, just maybe, they can avenge ‘offs defeats at the hands of the Yankees in ’03, ’04 and ’09.

If the Yankees prevail, it will mean an unprecedented, I believe in sports, certainly baseball history, situation in which teams clash for a third time, twice ten years apart in the same ‘offs round.

Cleveland, the team to face the Minne/Yankees winner, “div rd’d” the Yankees in both ’97 and ’07, each series ending on a Monday night.

That would be the most probable outcome should the A.L. one seed Indians and Yankees clash, but just as Minne has way more of a chance than perceived, to win Tuesday, the Yankees, whom I can clearly live without advancing, especially at this point in the (anti) “hunt,” and all that entails, have a way better chance than perceived should they advance to play the Indians.


If my father could or does see this continued “anti a team sickness,” he would not be pleased.

He would say speak out vs Hunt and the NFL Forced “Lockstep” Do Not Think, Do Not Protest Demand or he might say get well, take care of yourself and do better. Might I do both?!!

This is a tough one, in tough times!!



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