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Mike Francesa’s NFL predictions

September 30, 2017

Mike Francesa of WFAN radio has a (7-2) record thus far this season, on his NFL predictions.

This week he “touts” the defending NFC champion, Atlanta Falcons minus 8 points vs the Buffalo Bills. “Buff” ridiculed by “Alfalfa” Michaels, who also erred concerning the number of years since the last K.C. Supe win or appearance on that opening telecast, is (3-0) vs the spread.

Next, he says the once L.A. then San Diego and now, L.A. again, Chargers, an (0-3) team, will cover a point and a fraction spread vs the Philly Eagles.

In a game in which I will predict vs Francesa, he thinks Dallas will cover a 6 point spread vs the once Cleveland, then L.A. then St. Louis (boy is St. Louis sports suffering as the Cubs on the Cards but alas Dusty’s Nats will “wash” the Cubs from the ‘offs, at least that is what I predict and most Cards’ fans hope) and now L.A. Rams.

I will add my usual losing prediction vs Alabama today and one pro prediction (it will be Oakland plus 3 at Denver) perhaps in an update post tomorrow.


Life is great for Francesa. Why him, I ask on this day? He played golf last Sunday. Tough life, but often others get to do it.

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