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Baseball Tournament Notes

October 2, 2017

The baseball tournament is upon us, with ten teams, six “original,” with four expansion teams, each from a different year of baseball expansion.

Six of the eight teams that made the 2007 ‘offs (there was no 4 seed vs 5 seed game) are in these playoffs, including a 2007 NLCS redux between the ’93 expansion Colorado Rockies and ’98 expansion team, Arizona Diamondbacks in Wednesday’s 4 vs 5 game to be played in Arizona.

Colorado, which had to win an unscheduled ‘offs tilt vs San Diego to make the quarters made it 8 of 8 in those ‘offs, sweeping ‘Zona in 4 straight games, made the World Series, but were swept by the current A.L. 3 seed, Boston Red Sox.

The Red Sox, who were miracle A.L. pennant winners in 196SEVEN, titled in ’07, after beating the team that is the ’17 top seed, Indians in SEVEN.

Among their incredible twenty SEVEN titles, four of those won by the vaunted New York Yankees’ franchise, were won in years ending in SEVEN (’27, ’37, ’47 and ’77 also winning the pennant and losing in SEVEN games to the Milwaukee Braves in 1957).

In ’07, the Indians took the Yankees 3 games to 1 in the “div” series, repeating a triumph 10 years earlier in 1997. That series marked the end of Joe Torre’s incredible Yankees’ managerial career which resulted in 4 titles in 5 seasons (’96-’00), two other pennants and ‘offs appearances in all 12 seasons.

The current World champion and N.L. “3,” the Chicago Cubs, hoping to title 110 years after their first one in 1907, under Frank Chance, also were in the ’07 tournament and were swept by Arizona.

The two seed Houston Astros, five seed Minnesota Twins, overall top seed L.A. Dodgers and N.L. two seed, Washington Nationals were not in the ’07 baseball tournament.

The Astros, originally as the Colts or Colt 45’s “entered” (think “The Sunshine Boys” when Walter Matthau, who got the role after the great Jack Benny died, annoyed George Burns, in character of course, saying “ENTERRRR” and not “come in,” when they rehearsed the “doctor sketch.”) the NATIONAL LEAGUE in 1962, with the New York Mets.

Washington, as the Montreal Expos were one of 4 1969 expansion teams (the others were the San Diego Padres in the N.L. and K.C. Royals and Seattle Pilots (the team moved and became the Milwaukee Brewers after just one season).

Colorado joined the N.L. with the Florida Marlins in ’93 while Arizona “took off its rainbow shades” and began play in ’98, the same year as Tampa Bay.


N.L. only Games in the tournament will be on TBS.

Click below to see Mark Lindsay sing “Arizona.”


Mark Lindsay – Arizona (Live, 1990)



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