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N o for N.E. —but, they are capitalized and great!

September 11, 2017

Trust me, I am not anti-New England Patriots. In fact, I generally “pay money” to root for their victories.

They deserve credit, as one of the great teams in any sport, at any point in time.

However, the thought they were invincible and the ceremony before their opening tilt, a loss vs K.C. left me with a sour taste.

Showcasing Robert Kraft with his well known views and worse Mark Wahlberg, does not help the N.E. intangibles, already poor, having not only won the 51st Supe, but having done so with an amazing comeback.

They also went (16-3) vs the spread, but are (0-5) this season, of course counting EXHIBITION games, which the “rip off” NFL charges its suckers, I mean fans.

This is a great team, with both an all-time QB and coach. The fact, the ridiculous media will tone down their praise, will also help New England.

So NE is plus 4 and a half to 1 to win the Supe.

I will “book” a good chunk, saying they do not!

Since I am not in that “field,” nor want to be, I hope they do win it, but emphatically, with visions of Kraft, Wahlberg and even Tom running on the field last week, in my head, if not my heart, say they will NOT repeat as title winners!


The Pats are better than the Penguins but they will not repeat as champions, something the Pens did.

I wonder if Wahlberg would take 4 and a half to one that they do! I may not like him, but he is seemingly too smart to do that. Then again, what does money mean to him as he has so much!

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