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1967 and 2017 NFL links

September 10, 2017

There are at least two NFL games on this the opening Sunday, matching franchises, all four of whom have relocated at least once in the interim, that were incredibly important football games fifty years ago.

Today the Indy Colts, once the Baltimore Colts visit the L.A. Rams, who were in L.A. in ’67, moved to St. Louis where they titled in ’99 and have since moved back to Los Angeles.

On the last day of the ’67 NFL season the Rams went to 11-1-2 and won the Coastal Division crown beating the Colts in L.A.

In Tennessee today the Tennessee Titans host the Oakland Raiders, the latter the L.A. Raiders when they won the ’83 season Supe.

The Titans were once the Houston Oilers. In a ho hum, rout after the famed Ice Bowl/’67 NFL title tilt, in which GB took Dallas, the Raiders ripped Houston (40-7).

The Pack, hosting Sea, in an early season showdown pitting the two NFC teams perceived best, won it all 50 years ago winning the Supe vs Oakland.

Dallas hosts the New York Giants tonight.


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