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Ibu and all it entails is great!

September 6, 2017

At a recent event showcasing the work of women artisans featuring legendary actress, Ali MacGraw, the incredible manifestations of Ibu (in Indonesia, an Ibu is a woman of respect) were brought into focus, and my eyes have seen, if not “glory,” the beauty of artisan’s work that is empowering women in lands where they are not privileged and such efforts produce so much good.

There were so many beautiful items on display and the shopping netted the guests beautiful items, designed and donated by Ms. MacGraw, whose fashion acumen, continues to dazzle. (Ali truly contributed to her character Jenny’s style in the great film, “Love Story”).

The event with so much beauty and amazing, vibrant people most with two x chromosomes was a conduit into a realization of what Ibu is doing and the possibilities of its concept as strong, protective armor in these troubled times.

Susan Walker, the founder of Ibu, moves mountains and does so with her beauty (outward and inward), charm and extraordinary concept of reciprocity.

She said “Ibu is a business and I really want to set it up with this model, so that woman in other countries learn business, pricing and quality control.”

Ms. Walker went on to explain that “yes it is doing an amazing amount of good” (in the countries, helping to get essentials and so important building confidence in these women in 34 countries) they are doing good for us also” citing “the textile skills, we/U.S. have lost and so it is a beautiful reciprocity.”

In summation, the overwhelming atmosphere which included beautiful items and my realization of the great good Ibu does, made it an unforgettable evening.

There will be future posts with Ibu updates.


Left to right: Ali MacGraw and Susan Walker

Ibu Movement

ALI MACGRAW — Ibu Movement


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