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Guest Post by Ann “The Only Sport I Willingly Watch on Television is Hockey”

September 7, 2017

Tonight the NFL season begins thus I feel this is an opportunity to post some great recollections and comments regarding hockey sent to me by a friend named Anne. It follows below.

The Only Sport I Will Willingly Watch on Television is Hockey

I’m one of those “I’ll only watch the game if I’m sitting in the stands” type. And not just any seat – good seats. But my love for the game of hockey keeps me glued to the screen throughout hockey season. Hockey, I have to admit, is the only sport I religiously and willingly watch on television. The crossover season when the televised sports options are many, finds me glued to the screen watching Stanley Cup Playoffs eating popcorn, drinking beer and cheering.

I have my wonderful father to thank for encouraging my love for the sport. By age 7 I had ice skates on more than shoes and spent winter days searching for frozen bodies of water, hanging out at the local ice rink, and for one glorious winter we were members of the local “winter club” with indoor and outdoor rinks.

If we timed it right, my sister and I often had the outdoor rink to ourselves. And my father had no problem spraying our snow filled backyard with garden hose water to transformed the snow into slush then ice.

Season tickets to the NY Islander games for years in nose bleed seats (to better see the strategic plays, my dad would say) taught me how to play the game. I was the only girl the guys even considered letting into their game at the local community center’s rink.


Ann has links to the Pittsburgh Penguins and has great praise for their team’s accomplishments. Goaltender Matt Murray 2 for 2 in winning Stanley Cup titles is pictured above.

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