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In Nearly 180 Degree Contrast To The Totally “Chalk” NBA, 13th Ranked Ottawa And 16th Ranked Nashville Lead (2-1) In Their Semis

May 18, 2017

While the odds in favor of the anticipated third straight Cleveland/Golden State final are at least 15 to 1, I will inform you that 13th overall, Ottawa (Senators) would have the home advantage vs 16th overall, Nashville (Predators), should they meet in the 2017 Stanley Cup finals.

There is a long way to go, but with both “Ott” and “Nash” up (2-1) in their respective semis, the unlikely scenario where whom would have “home” between the two teams becoming relevant, has manifested as a point of great interest, but not fact.

If “Nash” wins tonight vs Anaheim, likely, they will eventually become the first team since the ’08 Pittsburgh Penguins (the Pens are Ottawa’s current semis opponent) to advance to the Cup finals sans a home loss.


I could cite a most serious situation involving his wife or lightheartedly recall a pitcher with the same name, but alas suffice to say Craig Anderson, pictured above, has been brilliant in goal vs the defending champion, (do not dare count them out), Penguins, allowing but 3 goals in 3 games, only two at all meaningful.

James Neil, #25 above had the winning goal in overtime in game 1, one of all 5 earlier NHL playoffs, Saturday tilts that went into overtime.

Perhaps the “clue,” at least thus far is that someone other than “Pittsburgher” Mike Emrick is the lead NBC announcer. The one and only “Mike W,” who “wrote in” harshly, as to it being Eagle, not Marv Albert, for #7 NBA quarters, asked what happened to Bob Ryan?

Apparently Ryan called Emrick the best announcer ever? He is not even close. In Ryan’s Boston alone, just in hockey, Fred Cusick and Bob Wilson, each of whom “did” the far more challenging, more important to the fans, radio, (Emrick rarely has) were at least as good, notice I did not say great. (Dan Kelly and Danny Gallivan were Great!)

That said, with what is left I say “give me Emrick, or give me” nobody!


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