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Just About Everybody Loses At Least Once At Home In The NHL Playoffs

May 19, 2017

After Corey Perry’s overtime goal lifted Anaheim (Ducks) (3-2), at Nashville (Predators) in #4, not only is their semi tied at two games apiece, but now for the 29th time in the 30 NHL seasons with four rounds of best of seven series, no team will go through the NHL ‘offs, sans a home defeat.

Nashville was (6-0) in these ‘offs, but already having “vibed” An in #4, I noticed a bit too much military and police for my taste anyway, in their anthem ‘monies (ceremonies) and felt more confidence in my “An” prediction, posted here the other day. Alas, Washington (Capitals) had gone all military in their anthem “stuff,” before losing #7 at home to Pittsburgh and other examples are on file.

However, the fact Nashville tied the game in the last minute, as I had gone to sleep with “An” ahead (2-0), does not, in my opinion, augur well for the Ducks.

Game 5 follows NBC’s Preakness Stakes coverage tomorrow night, a promo for them, a “hedge” for me, Nashville in 6, knowing I was correct/lucky last night.

By the way, only the 1988 repeat Stanley Cup champion, Edmonton Oilers went undefeated at home, in the 30 seasons of 4 rounds of best of 7 NHL ‘offs (1987-2017).


Did Katharine Hepburn ever say Petr, Petr, Petr?!   Petr Klima, pictured above was on the ’88 “Vogues,” (the Detroit Red Wings) a team Edmonton 5’d en route to a 4th title in 5 seasons.

In 1990, in their second season sans Wayne Gretzky, who had “Janet Jones’d” to L.A., the Oilers won it all, winning all 3 road games in Boston in the finals, to claim a truly “rarefied air of greatness” (think Green Bay Packers doing the same ’61-’67), 5th crown in 7 seasons.

Klima, did not play in the third period nor in the first two overtime periods of game 1/’90 finals at Boston Garden, but scored in the third overtime, to lift the Oilers to victory, in what is still the NHL’s longest finals game.



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