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Good Bye Columbus Coincidences And Notes

May 14, 2017

Last night, after I missed Bobby Ryan’s overtime winning goal as Ottawa (Senators) “opened” at Pittsburgh, vs the Pens, with “Pitts” native Mike Emrick not broadcasting, (WHY?!) I noticed some coincidences, watching the fine Larry Peerce directed film, 1969 “Goodbye, Columbus.”

Richard Benjamin is “Neil KLUGMAN” in the 1969 film, falling in love with Ali MacGraw’s “Brenda,” whose father is played by Jack Klugman.

During the film, a marquee for a movie theater shows ” The Odd Couple” starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau is being presented.

One year later, Klugman would begin a great run on the television series, “The Odd Couple,” also starring Tony Randall.

All four were great, so was “Goodbye, Columbus” and its cast. Mr. Peerce also directed, among others, another tremendous film, “The Incident.”


Goodbye, Columbus was written by the superb author, Philip Roth.

Also back to hockey, en route to at least the semis, Pittsburgh did “say” “Goodbye, Columbus,” dispatching the Blue Jackets (Columbus) in five games.

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