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As Promised: An NBA Update

May 13, 2017

Both the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers and top ranked (for a third straight regular season) Golden State Warriors sailed through the NBA prelims and semis with (8-0) records, an NBA first.

Many feel and the odds are say three to one in favor of a Cleveland/Golden State finals series which has decreased interest in the NBA ‘offs thus far.

Three is the operative number as if such a finals series manifests, it would be the first time in NBA history, that the same two teams clash for its crown in three straight seasons.

The “G.S.” opponent is set and they are no slouch in that they are the San Antonio Spurs, whose coach Gregg Popovich not only knows how, albeit somewhat arrogantly, to put the often ridiculous media in its place but has also coached 5 title teams (just one after a truly great 4 in 9 seasons from ’99-07).

Yet “G.S.” is an unbelievable 8 plus to one series favorite.

Cleveland will also be a huge favorite in its semi, huge, huge if it is Washington (Wizards), not as high vs the Boston Celtics, the latter would have home advantage.

The three remaining East teams with a #7/Qtrs, evokes memories of 1976, as the Cleveland Cavaliers won a melodramatic 7 game “quarters” series vs the then Washington Bullets, now the Washington Wizards.

Next in ’76, the Celtics “6’d” the Cavs. Likely the Cavs will do the same to Monday night’s 7th game winner, whether it is the visiting Wizards or 4 plus point “fave,” Celtics.


I would pay in dollars, likely significant ones, to view/ re live the unbelievable ’76 “Quarters” won in 7 in the waning seconds by the Cavs vs the Washington Bullets.

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