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Monday Night 7th Game Quarter Celtics Host Wizards Nee Bullets

May 15, 2017

Let’s hope with Marv Albert, tonight TNT presents a Monday night #7 “quarters” between the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards nee Bullets.

Why was this game not played yesterday, as the S.A. Spurs might be asking, as the top heavy favorite, Golden State Warriors overcame a 25 point third quarter deficit to “open” San Antonio in their semi.

If Celts/Wizards nee Bullets, (try education and tolerance, try being without severe malice–I rage vs certain announcers, not healthy but perhaps but I do not shoot guns–not changing team nicknames to curtail violent acts, also those who enforce the law should NEVER do so with malice and hate), had been played yesterday, the Spurs would have another game 1 chance tonight.

The home team is (6-0), in the Wizards/Bullets (all as the Bullets) in previous franchise #7’s of quarters. Boston (Celtics) is a 5 point fave, in a bid to make the home team (7-0) in the 7 Wizards # 7’s quarterfinals games.

Next a famed Monday night, semi or later, game 7 from each franchise is recalled.

In the ’71 semis, at the half of #7, shown on channel 7 in N.Y. as unlike in the previous season, which was a Knicks’ title season, there was no blackout in New York (Cosell related, Ali often asked why the bad things were black?!!) Howard Cosell (it was as stated, a Monday night) was chirping about Dick Barnett and the defending champion New York Knicks and their lead.

However, Fred Carter had a key shot and the Bullets prevailed.

On Monday night May 5, 1969, in the last NBA game that season and of the extraordinary careers of Bill Russell (not known or announced before the game) and Sam Jones (known well before the game) the great Boston Celtics made it an incredible 11 NBA titles in 13 seasons (108-106) (L.A. had the last two points as the game was close but not THAT close) at L.A. vs the Lakers.


The great Sam Jones, a key member of 10 Boston Celtics’ title teams, to this point, one more than Michael Jordan and LeBron James have won combined, is pictured above.

Also while not as great a player as either, Jones’ great clutch play certainly rivals James and is in the ballpark, maybe even closer with Mr. Jordan.

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