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NHL Update And More

May 9, 2017

After there were no decisive 7th games in the first round of the NHL ‘offs for the first time since 2001, and just the third time in the 30 seasons of such possibilities, there will be at least two seventh games and perhaps a third, in the 4 “quarters” possibilities.

Tomorrow night the top ranked Washington Capitals will host the defending Stanley Cup champion, Pittsburgh Penguins before the NHL West top seed, Anaheim Ducks do the same against the upstart Edmonton Oilers in decisive seventh games.

Meanwhile tonight, the New York Rangers, trailing three games to two vs the Ottawa Senators in their “qtr,” return home and are nearly nine to five “faves,” to give Gary Bettman and the NHL a third seventh game in these quarterfinals.

Some “exactly” 45 years ago Rangers’ history to note; on this date exactly 45 years ago, Tuesday May 9, 1972, the Rangers stayed alive with an upset win at Boston vs the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals which then ended on a reasonable, “ice not melting” Thursday May 11th.

Then the great Bobby Orr, Wayne Cashman and goaltender Gerry Cheevers led a Bruins’ Cup clinching victory.

If the Rangers win tonight, # 7 would be played on that game’s exact 45 year anniversary. Even if not, the NHL will not have progressed into its semis, as its war of attrition, not skill, continues.

One more thing, what a shame either the Pens or Caps will go out as early or “calendar late,” as the quarters, while either the Sens or Rangers will advance to the semis, having not played either team, as they (Pens/Caps) unfairly, played each other as early as the quarterfinal round.


This is not because the “doing it the right way,” Yankees are (21-9), which includes a three game sweep at Wrigley Field, of the defending champion, slow starting, Chicago Cubs.

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