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NHL Update, Predictions, And Comments

May 10, 2017

Oh the pressure on each home team in tonight’s two  NHL quarterfinals, seventh games, as both the Washington Capitals and Anaheim Ducks, the home teams, (vs defending champion Pittsburgh and upstart Edmonton respectively), have bad history in such encounters, sharing 6 time , game 7 losing coach Bruce Boudreau.

The Ducks, all under Boudreau have dissipated (3-2) series leads and lost #7 at home, the last four seasons.

“Wash” denied in a home 7th twice under Boudreau, is (1-8) in previous series vs the Penguins, twice losing a home 7th game to the Pens in years the Penguins won it all. Pitts dispatched Wash in the ‘offs en route to all four of their titles.

Predictions: Mike Emrick and NBC Sports Network gets a classic, (2-1) Wash on an overtime goal by T.J. Oshie is one prediction, the lesser known announcer out West gets an easy (4-1) Anaheim victory, as I go double “chalk,” which can make a most annoying sound.

The latest example “chalk” king, Mike Francesa on WFAN yesterday, being virtually certain there would be a #7 in Ott/Rangers, but once he said it, Eric Karlsson and Ott in 6, should not have been a surprise.


Eric Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators, pictured above.

“Ott,” no relation to Mel, is going to its third “semi,” winning in ’07 vs Buffalo, “taking the fifth” to clinch a game NBC moved off its primary station to make way for pre Preakness coverage and losing to eventual champion New Jersey (Devils) in ’03.

Anaheim coached by Randy Carlyle, their current coach who is in his second stint there, took “Ott” in 5 in the ’07 Cup Finals. That was one of only two Cup Finals to go less than six games, the usual money making barometer for the network since ’02, the other an L.A./New York tilt with built in better ratings.

Alas Mel Ott and the New York Giants once “final’d” a “Wash” team in 5, that in 1933.

Speaking of three, starting soon, the Wash area has THE game (how dare compare 5th of Wash Wizards nee Bullets at Boston Celtics with CAPS/PENS–get the caps, check who has a realistic title chance!!!) Caps/Pens, Wizards at Celts and first place Orioles at first place “Wash” Nationals.

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