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Update And Notes

May 8, 2017

Certainly the far bigger story is that the Nashville Predators have advanced to the NHL semis for the first time, winning (3-1) to (4-2) the St. Louis Blues in the quarters.

An additional note is the only other St. Loo team, the Cardinals (now the state of Tennessee, once with no teams, remember the scene in “Cast Away,” regarding the Tennessee Titans nearly winning the Supe, has three teams, one more than St. Louis, which once had 4 to the state of Tennessee’s none) swept all 3 games from the Braves, nearly 35 years after sweeping Atlanta in the 1982 NLCS, en route to the title.

Nashville is now (1-4) in NHL quarterfinal series, and will open their first semi on the road either in Anaheim or Edmonton.

The Ducks (Anaheim) host the Oilers in #7 of their quarter, on Wednesday night. The Ducks have lost game 7 of a series at home after holding a (3-2) series lead, the last 4 seasons and hope to avoid a 5th such occurrence Wednesday night. Already the “related/equivalent” L.A. area, Clippers had a bad “5,” this year, losing a series in which they led, for a fifth straight season, an NBA first.



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