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Boston/Atlanta Playoffs History Notes

February 9, 2017

Boston major North American sports league teams are now (8-1) vs Atlanta teams in post-season entities after the finals/Super Bowl victory by the Patriots vs the Falcons last Sunday.

This was by far the most important and latest clash in post-season between the two cities.

Only in the NBA, with the Celtics (Boston) compiling wins in 7 of 8 series vs the Hawks (Atlanta) had the cities ever met in post-season before the amazing comeback win by the Patriots last Sunday.

The Celtics are (4-0) in quarterfinal series vs the Hawks (’72, ’73, ’86 and ’88) winning it all in ’86 with a truly great team but failing to win another round in the other three seasons.

That includes the 1973 season, one in which the Celts won 68 games which until last season’s failure by record setting Golden State (Warriors) were the most wins by an NBA team that failed to “title.”

Boston is (3-1) in preliminary series vs the Hawks having won in ’83, ’08 and ’12 while the Hawks won in ’16. The Celts won it all in ’08, one of ten Boston titles in the “2000 years” but only in ’12 when the Celts won the subsequent “quarter” did either team win another round after playing each other save the Celts’ ’86 and ’08 title teams.

Boston won their 16th NBA title in ’86 and at that point had won an amazing 40 percent of the NBA’s 40 titles. They have won but one in the 30 seasons, since that point.

I can just hear an Atlanta fan, with but one title, say “are you complaining?!!”




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