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Not Only Arrogant To An Exponential Power, Today A Factual Mistake To Add To Steven A. Smith’s Horrible, Albeit Highly Paid Record

January 31, 2017

Please in addition to all the inane questions, try, you lucky reporters doing what many of us would love to be doing, to get your facts correct.

An example of this and frankly an arrogance that includes yell first/research second, if at all is often displayed by a blight of epic proportions on reporting in the person of Stephen A. Smith.



I could not possibly listen enough to Stephen A. Smith just to find and cite  factual mistakes, but today I somehow endured this latest, and one of the greatest pieces of evidence of our nation’s decline.

Rather than cite how abrasive and ridiculous this man Smith is (guess I just did), perhaps he needs more fingers, on which to count.

He thankfully has ten, but Brady has played in ELEVEN AFC title games, NOT ten as Smith, in his most arrogant and factually incorrect way stated earlier today.



Please come back “Big Ben,” they can “sink” your title hopes but not your paycheck.

Do not leave the game you play so well, with the knowledge you and Tomlin called an atrocious game, not “sneaking” at the N.E. goal contrasted with Mr. Brady doing same in the middle of the field.

The sink, to me can be forgiven but alas the mirror test, I know, is much more difficult.

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