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“Our Lady Of 121st Street” Was Superb

January 30, 2017

Recently I saw a performance of “Our Lady Of 121st Street,” a truly extraordinary play, currently at The Actors Studio at 132 West 44th Street.

There were many entertaining and meaningful twists and turns, which combined pathos and humor, usually and surely applicable here, a good sign that it was a very good play.

All members of the 14 person cast deserve citation. Check these names for future reference, as all directed by the great Estelle Parsons, dug deep in Actor’s Studio fashion to give a truly revealing performance.

Bryan Hickey, Javier Molina, LeLand Gantt, Jay Johnston, RyanF. Johnson, Stephen Dexter, Delissa Reynolds, Suzanne DiDonna, Jason Furlani, Gabriel Furman, Myla Pitt, Natalie Hall, Tony Naumovski and David Fraoiola made up the cast.

The play written by Stephen Adly Guirgis will appear again. Please look for it.





The great Estelle Parsons pictured above.




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