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Atlanta’s Gruesome Sports History Notes

February 1, 2017

During the boring, recent NFC title game, I noticed a “graphic” on Atlanta’s one sports title in how many seasons.

I did not write down “their” number, maybe they got it right.

Going into this the Atlanta Falcons’ second Supe/NFL finals, (they lost in their other on the NFC network, to a second straight Denver title, with the over rated, but I begrudgingly call great, John Elway and for the record coached by Mike Shanahan, this week another Shanahan, son Kyle resurfaced as a Bay Area team coach, as did eventually his playbook) the city of Atlanta’s major professional sports teams have won but one title in an aggregate 167 completed seasons.

The one title was won by the 1995 baseball Braves. It is one of only five called by Bob Costas in a major sports league (“BaseKetball” does not count as such), which sadly, is in sharp contrast to the 24 Joe Buck will have called, after again what hopefully will be a boring, low rated Supe for he and Fox.

The Braves in 50 completed seasons (’66-’93 and ’95-2016, need I tell you an exciting ’94 season was obliterated, have that one title, failing in 4 other World Series appearances.


Atlanta (Falcons) failed to title in their first 50 seasons (’66-2015) losing, as stated earlier in their only Supe/NFL finals appearance in ’98.

The NBA Hawks’ record is the most woeful, among the five Atlanta sports teams, past and present. They have never reached a league final, losing in all three “semis,” going a pathetic (1-12) in individual games (lost in 5 to the Lakers in ’69, in 4 to another eventual, finals losing, L.A. team in ’70 and to another eventual finals loser, the ’15 Cavs also sans a win in 4 games).

The city no longer has an NHL team. The Flames played in Atlanta as an expansion team (’73-’80) never winning in six ‘offs rounds, going (2-15) in games. Meanwhile the Thrashers, now the second incarnation of the Winnipeg Jets, played 11 seasons in Atlanta ’01-’11 (no NHL season in ’05), making the ‘offs but once, sans a win as they were swept out by the New York Rangers in the first round of the 2007 playoffs.




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