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Notes: Home Teams Great In Slot 1

January 29, 2017

After the home team Atlanta Falcons’ victory in the “first slot” two weeks ago, vs the Seattle Seahawks, the second such win in Atlanta annals, the home team record in those first slot/first game of the divisional round games rose to (38-9).

That is the same score by which Oakland beat “Wash” in the ’83 season Supe on the NFC network, a score/rout one can only hope for in next week’s game.

Alas just as I know regarding Trump and so much evil greed, do not “hold your breath,” in anticipation of such a good result. One can only dream the awful quartet of Buck, Aikman, Parrera and Andrews be saddled with a boring rout. Even so they get paid and bettors would stay tuned.

Before the advent of night “slots” games began in 2001, the home team was (27-4), slightly better than the great Ed “Whitey” Ford’s mark in ’61 (always cite Luis Arroyo, for his contribution thereof), in such games from (’70-‘2000).

The five losses in such games since, represent one more than those “suffered” by the home team in one less than double the number of games (31 vs 16).

The four road wins/home losses from (’70-’00) were Dallas over Minne in ’71, Oakland at the “Balti” Colts in ’77, “Sea” at Miami in ’83 and the Bills at “Pitts” in ’92.

Four of the five instances starting in ’01 were followed by New England games. The Eagles won at “Chi” in ’01, only to lose the NFC title tilt as expected to the favored ST LOO Rams (I think Phil covered in defeat). Then the Pats pulled a big upset vs the Rams.

New England about to play in a record 9th Supe, was a huge underdog in their first three, but favored in the next six.

In ’03, after Carolina (Panthers) won at St. Louis in slot 1 and took the Eagles in the title tilt, N.E. again got a Supe winning field goal from Adam Vinatieri, to no cover “Car” in the “ultimate” game. (As Duane Thomas said re the Supe, “if it is the ultimate game, why do they play it every year?!).

In ’06, give him credit Pey Manning and his Colts won at “Balti” and then the team won vs N.E. in the title tilt and subsequent Supe.

In ’12, the Ravens /Balti won at Denver with Manning in slot 1 and then not only at N.E. in the title tilt, but in the subsequent Super Bowl.

In ’08, the Ravens won at Tennessee, only to lose at Pitts in the subsequent title tilt.



One worthwhile one is reliever Luis Arroyo helped Whitey Ford in many of those ’61 season wins or so it is said.

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