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Hope We Wake Up, But It Is More Difficult In This Ongoing Nightmare

January 29, 2017

Let’s see, the Mets are playing the Pirates, my father and I Jewish, Michael  Santasieri, Italian and Catholic, watch the Mets score the winning run.

However, though all three of us are rooting for the Mets, we sit amazed and in awe, that Roberto Clemente, a man from Puerto Rico, just made a throw to make the play a bit close, that defied belief.

I am sitting in Shea Stadium on May 8th, 1981 watching Fernando Valenzuela pitch, marveling as I said into my tape recorder, “this cool youngster from Mexico.”

There had been riots in the Watts section of Los Angeles maybe a month or two earlier. The Dodgers had just won the 1965 World Series in Minnesota, with Sandy Koufax of the Jewish faith, pitching a three hit shutout.

Lou Johnson a black man, who had played so long in the minor leagues hit a home run in that game and as Sandy said “carried the club” for 2 weeks, after the great Tommy Davis had broken his ankle early in that glorious ’65 season.

Johnson said “Sandy you are the greatest.”

As in “Meat Loaf’s,” “Paradise By The Dashboard Light,” “stop right there,” no, not to save your so called “virtue,” but to contemplate why what someone’s race, religion or ethnicity would matter so much, if at all, when it is what they do, say, contribute, that is infinitely more important.

Why have we not only NOT moved anywhere near as far forward as that “advanced society in space” might have “manual-ed,” but now with a man truly in need of psychiatric help/evaluation as president, have moved so far backward, that it seems there is a WALL, blocking our communication and progress.

Somewhere in a better place, a woman named Coretta is consoling her husband Martin, saying “it was only a dream.”

Alas, Martin, who one TODAY had a dream, knows when it is a nightmare.



Enough “rocks” of any kind, even those of warning, in hope of better.

Click below to view Dr. M.L. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech and note for you sports fans, that is future USC (also Washington State and Iowa) basketball coach George Raveling, prominently displayed, standing to Martin’s right.

Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream Speech


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