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“Leb” James Is Neither E.F. Hutton Or God, Stop Listening To Him As Though He Were

January 26, 2017

Any person with a brain knows how little the NBA regular season matters just in terms of the competitive aspect as to which team wins.

Yet just as last season, the fact that most entitled individual of all, LeBron James, is complaining about the truly meaningless Cavs’ lackluster play of late, is getting  unwarranted publicity.

Forget my opinion that the NBA is a fraud, (I have said it so many times regarding players “teaming up” Green’s title altering suspension even in terms of its competition, Cleveland is in the East and leading it by three games.

Upsets occur, but until they do, which very likely they will not, the Cleveland James team will be in the finals and just like last season not have “home” vs either Golden State or “Tonio” and may or may not vs a third Western team, this season Houston, last year “OKC,” when they still had Durant.

Stop following this James, a “golden calf/false idol” if there ever was one, thinking his words were of Moses, Jesus or Muhammad (to name three, of course there are others).

James is a spoiled, given everything (including last year’s title, arguably the 2013 one by Popovich’s late game 6 decision to put the truly classy Tim Duncan on the bench–maybe that’s why James lauded “Pop” as the best ever, when if for that “bonehead” decision alone, he is not close, last week), great player.

I got over rooting vs him when he and the league beat me last season. A few coins of the realm and the Durant decision to go to GS, also helped in that regard.

See you all in the finals, until further notice, and go back to Supe hype, at least that ridiculously over publicized, “Roman gorgy”–not quite an orgy—but a greed festival, is almost upon us.



Cryptic “Shirley Booth” Oscar winner, first two letters Ben even though you know as I do they likely will not let you win again.

Click below to view a famed E.F. Hutton commercial.


E F Hutton II Classic Funny Commercial 1970s Pt 3


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