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Remembering And Loving The Great Mary Tyler Moore

January 25, 2017

It was while talking to the same “Marching Girl,” referenced here yesterday, and really “getting it out,” through laughter and tears, that news came bringing tears, though she brought so much laughter, that news came informing the great actress, Mary Tyler Moore had died.

I thought this day would have arrived earlier, as I knew Mary was bravely battling illness.

Kudos to Dr. Robert Levine for caring so much for Mary as a husband and doctor.

There is a “Jewish doctor” joke/comment there as in Dr. Levine’s case that not only “trumps” being president (pun intended), but alas he was a Jewish doctor, who loved, cared for and was married to as classy and as beautiful a person, inside and out, as few who ever walked the earth.

How she walked so erect in her show opening. How she “necked” (that was the term then) with Dick Van Dyke, at “halftime” of the great Dick Van Dyke Show.

She inspired the single woman, but also not only single, but inexperienced dreamers such as me.

So great in “Ordinary People” and influenced by the “Can,” I actually disliked her. Yet I never really did even when she thought I was the “guy who asked crazy questions”–I do not look like Johnny Mel–) and would not pose with me at one event. Even then she did so with grace though my pain was great.

Force/fate let me meet her again. We took a picture. I asked where she was when President Kennedy was killed. They were rehearsing the “Dick Van Dyke Show” as with “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” a great one.

Many likened that show’s  “Petries,” Mary’s “Laura” and Dick’s “Rob” to Jackie and Jack. Oh the images. Oh the beauty! Oh the passage of time!

Mary dealt realistically with her son’s tragic early death, her drinking, her diabetes and helped those with the disease. She loved animals telling “The Marching Girl,” she would never eat anything with a face.

Her talent was immense. So too her beauty and grace. Her heart and my heart toward her, even greater. “Go take that town up there, you can, just smile.

Click below to view and hear some of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” theme song, (and “Moore”) as sung by Sonny Curtis, a member of Buddy Holly’s band, “The Crickets.”

This of course appropriate, “on the day Mary died.”

The Mary Tyler Moore Show 1970 – 1977 Opening and Closing Theme (With Snippet) HD Dolby



Image result for mary tyler moore





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