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“Braves” Association In The Supe And Recent NFL Title Tilts

January 27, 2017

The four teams that took the field for the recent NFL title tilts all represented cities that either house/housed the baseball Braves’ franchise (three) or were involved as a Braves’ opponent in two compelling, route going NLCS (one).

The Supe opponents, Atlanta and New England are cities/regions that respectively house the Braves and were the franchise’s first home as the Boston Braves.

The Braves have won 3 titles (1914 W.S., 1957 W.S. and the 1995 W.S.) each in a different city. The 1957 crown was won as the Milwaukee Braves, (the NFC runner up Green Bay Packers are closely linked with and at one time playing games, including at least one in post-season in Milwaukee.)

Atlanta’s only major sports’ title was in 1995 with the Braves.

Boston which has “titled” in all four major North American sports leagues, doing so 9 times, just since the turn of the century, won a title with the 1914 “Miracle” Boston Braves, who came from nowhere in mid season to first grab the N.L. pennant and then shock a great, heavily favored Philadelphia Athletics’ team in 4 straight World Series games.

Now Pittsburgh the fourth city/region involved in title tilts last week never housed the Braves, but do house the Pirates, a team certainly involved in Braves’ post-season history.

First in a maximum 7 game series in 1991, when the Braves won games 2, 6 and 7 IN PITTSBURGH and then in highly dramatic fashion, rode Francisco Cabrera’s all-time type, semi-final sports play/2Rsingle in #7 ’92, Atlanta reached a World Series, it would ultimately lose, after winning the NLCS vs the Pittsburgh Pirates.



Hank Gowdy pictured above, was the batting star of the Braves’ World Series sweep of again, a great Philadelphia Athletics’ team in the 1914 World Series.

The Braves won that World Series, the first with my father on this earth and the one in 1995 as the Atlanta Braves, the first after his death.

The name Gowdy evokes memories of Curt Gowdy, who four times was the lone lead television broadcaster for both the World Series and Supe in the same season/year (’68, ’70, ’72 and ’74).

Another year/season (1966), Curt led the AFL network telecast for the first Supe (there was also an NFL network telecast).


1995 was the first World Series lead network announcing work of any kind, for the stellar broadcaster, Bob Costas (he was on for #’s 2, I believe 3 and the Braves’ clincher in #6).

Sadly, Costas has only been the lead or any type broadcaster on but two other World Series (’97 and ’99) while Buck has done so 19 times.

Click below to view Francisco Cabrera’s dramatic pennant winning hit in 1992, as “called” brilliantly by Sean McDonough, who also has been a broadcaster, on but two World Series, in sharp contrast to the vastly inferior Buck.


’92 NLCS, Gm 7 PIT@ATL: Bream beats Bonds’ throw


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