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Tom Brady, Donald Trump And Most Of All, Some Perspective

January 24, 2017

I still do not know whom I will root for or even bet on in the upcoming Supe, but any thoughts I had regarding “jinxing” the Pats because of any association between Tom Brady and DT Trump, have disappeared, after hearing the almost, always classy Brady in his weekly WEEI (Boston radio) interview.

Brady’s focus is on the team and in trying to win what he perceives will be a tough game, vs a certainly very good Atlanta Falcons’ team.

As one who could only dream and perhaps aspire victory, as Brady does, but even in my own field where I have “Brady like” knowledge, if not talent, but not only failed, but essentially never tried, my admiration for him is great.

Trust me, as you knowing reading this, sports means little to me nowadays. Yet this Brady is special, something I knew watching him, in his only non playoff season of ’02, as usual I was slightly ahead of the curve.

Leave him alone regarding Trump. In fact, as you well know I am not a Trump fan, but one thing on which I totally agree with the current president, is how lacking in justice, the four game suspension of Brady was.

Now let’s go on with some perspective. That quality of perspective in Brady, as impressive, if not ¬†important as his playing performances have been/are, is so much greater.






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