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Packers Close Or Cowboys “Big” In All 8 Playoff Games, Four Apiece

January 21, 2017

As a result of their close win at Dallas in the “slots” last week, the Green Bay Packers not only reached their 9th game in which a Supe entrant is determined (G.B. played in NFL title tilts in ’66 and ’67 that determined such, while subsequently appearing in 6 NFC title games before a 7th tomorrow in Atlanta), but also raised their ‘offs record vs the Dallas Cowboys to (4-4).

I believe the close wins in all four of their victories by the Packers, juxtaposed with the four easy wins by the Cowboys vs “G.B,” is unprecedented in football annals.

Perhaps this situation is only rivaled by the 1960 World Series, when the Pittsburgh Pirates “7’d” the New York Yankees, winning game 7 with key home runs by Rocky Nelson, Hal Smith and Bill Mazeroski, despite truly being routed in their 3 losses and winning the 4 closer games.

The Packers held off the Cowboys to win a thrilling 1966 NFL title tilt before “traversing” (the NFL Films narrator, not John Facenda, for just about the only time concerning title tilts, used the verb and great phrasing, which will always resonate), “68 yards over a polar ice cap” culminating in the great Bart Starr’s touchdown, to win the ’67 title tilt.

Two years ago, in the third slot at Green Bay, a call resulting in no catch for Dallas’ Dez Bryant was the key as the Pack again “close gamed” Dallas.

Last Sunday, after Dak Prescott and Bryant combined for 8 points to tie the tilt, GB, with Mason Crosby getting 2 field goals to Dallas’ Dan Bailey’s one, had another close win in the ‘offs vs Dallas.

In the strike marred 1982 season “slots,” as well as those in ’93 and ’94, Dallas eased at home vs the Packers. “Ditto” regarding the ’95 NFC title game/NFL semi.

Evoking the 1960 World Series again, in bringing up a 4 out of 7, that is the record of GB/Dallas ‘offs games winners in winning it all. Green Bay did so in ’66 and ’67, not 2014 while Dallas went on to the crown in ’93 and ’95 not so in ’82 and ’94.



The great Bart Starr, pictured above.



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