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All Ten Pack And Alabama Crowns With Democrats As, Or One Having Been Elected, U.S. President–Had You Noticed NOT A “Dem” There Now

January 21, 2017

As you might have noticed, Republican Donald Trump was inaugurated as United States President yesterday. Many fear that is bad news, for now let’s say, it is a historical “bad sign” for Green Bay Packers’ title hopes.

No NFL team has won more titles than the Packers’ TEN but ALL TEN occurred with Democrats in this nation’s highest office.

Already in “football 2016,” Alabama whose ten titles leads the way in college football was denied an eleventh, losing as near touchdown “faves” in the title tilt vs Clemson.

The Tides’ (Alabama) Democrat and title correlation is eerily similar, as all 10 were also won with a “Dem” either in office as President (nine times, ’61,’64.’65, ’78, ’79. ’09, ’10, ’12 and ’15 seasons) or after a Democrat, W.J. Clinton (what must have gone through his wife Hillary Rodham’s mind yesterday, as it would not be a stretch to say I lost as a 7:1 favorite—and you thought I would impugn Trump—-) had been elected, but not inaugurated in the ’92 season.

By the way, the Tide’s ’92 national title win was called on national radio with the great Harry Kalas as the announcer.

That man, and certainly not the adored Republican/Reagan loving, Vin Scully, was the best baseball play by play man of this time.

Kalas died in Washington D.C. at the near start of the next season after getting to call “his” Phillies winning the ’08 title. So much of what Washington D.C. should stand for, died both before and certainly yesterday, as any violence is wrong and evokes Lincoln and Ford.

Maybe I will write a song regarding it, not a Saturday Night sketch ridiculing/making them money and solving nothing.

Incredibly, all ten Packers’ crowns were with Democrats in office, three with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, those won in 1936, 1939 and 1944, two with John F. Kennedy in ’61 and ’62, the earlier when “Jack” helped his friend Vince Lombardi’s Pack by granting a weekend pass, allowing U.S. “Reserve” Paul Hornung to play in that year’s title tilt, ’65-’67 with Lyndon Johnson, whose advice relayed yesterday by the venerable Bob Schiffer (meanwhile the CBS host, Scott Pelley was mistake prone, a veritable “turnover”/mistake machine as the U.S. government was “turned over,”) of never telling anyone to go to hell, unless you can send him there, (hopefully) already discarded by “DJ” Trump, will “bite” him you know where.

In the interest of avoiding “Guinness” for the longest run on sentence, the two less distinguished Pack titles won with the exponentially publicized Brett Favre in ’96, and the great, but “hold off on the key to Fort Knox,” Aaron Rodgers in ’10, were with the also less distinguished Presidents, certainly Bill “The Centrist” Clinton (’96) and the “blocked” Barack Obama in ’10.

Using Packers’ lore, Mr. Obama, unfortunately for him and I believe most of us, had instead of say Jerry Kramer (he is still not in the NFL Hall and that is a disgrace, no matter what your politics are and it is politics and utter morons who vote for such things that caused it) blocking for him, a slew of Republicans doing what they do best, BLOCKING his/our progress.



It once was great, such as above with Jerry Kramer (#64) blocking for Paul Hornung, on a muddy field, likely vs “my” Cleveland Browns in the ’65 title tilt, in which “GB” prevailed (23-12).

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