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Atlanta Falcons’ And Other Title Game Notes And Comments

January 20, 2017

The Atlanta Falcons (1-2) in the previous three, will be in their fourth NFC Title Game, when they host the Green Bay Packers, in the earlier of the two title tilts/NFL “semis,” slated for Sunday.

In the book “The Godfather,” by Mario Puzo, it is explained how back then, just after the second numbered war, (God help us, this country involved itself in many after that one, still glorifying its military, something surely to be on “display” Sunday in the military game of football) that “bookmakers” “slated” the odds and pitchers on baseball games.

At the racetrack, the Maras, eventual and still owning family of the New York NFL franchise, made their money doing so at the track, before parimutuel wagering.

Anyway the “slate” for Sunday has Atlanta “minus five.” All four Falcons’ title tilts (they are in their 50th anniversary season, 51st season) have been in the earlier of the two title tilts, two at home.

The Falcons started in 1966, the Packers won it all that year, winning a “semi” in Dallas, and getting a key, if not the key play from a number 89 in a victory in which they scored 34 points, an occurrence repeated in the same venue, in the “slots,” last week.

Atlanta’s lone NFC Title game win was at Minnesota in 1998, the penultimate of Pat “Super” Summerall’s many such games (another post for more on that) now most (not Johnny) “everyone talking at me” is awful, epitomized by Joe Buck, at his amateurish worst during GB/Dallas last Sunday as written by critic “M.L.” in multiple texts as he “muted” the volume, and “on” his 15th straight NFC title tilt Sunday.



They started as bookmakers, moved their team to a swamp, if they had their way “the above” would be back, as they put out an anti-choice video— those are the “wonderful” Maras, (“Well” did well in sharing television revenue, helping the league tremendously, but even that hurts me, as I truly despise what the league has become).

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