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Title Game Notes

January 22, 2017

Today for the 51st time and for the 50th time with both games on Sunday (in ’82 the NFC game was on a Saturday), the NFL stages two games to determine Super Bowl entrants.

If both home team favorites which is just over an even money proposition, it would mark just the second time, home teams won both title/NFL semis tilts in four straight seasons and the first with all four double home team wins on a Sunday.

Seattle (Seahawks) going (2-0) at home and New England (Patriots), of course involved today as 6 point home “faves” vs Pittsburgh (Steelers), whose 3 such games went to the home team, two to Denver (Broncos) combined in 5 of the 6 results (’13-’15) that manifested in home team title game wins.

The other Carolina (Panthers) at home vs Arizona (Cardinals) last season after for just the third time, both road teams won the title tilts of the 2012 season. One of those tilts was an Atlanta (Falcons) home loss vs “Col” Kaepernick and S.F. (49ers). The Falcons get another chance today as 5 plus point “faves” vs the Green Bay Packers in just their second home title tilt.

Altogether the home team has won both title tilts with Supe berths on the line 20 times, which is forty percent of the fifty seasons. (in six seasons of “never the twain shall meet, NFL and AFL title games, the home team won both both 3 times, (’61,’63 and ’64) splitting in two seasons,(’60 and ’65), with the road team winning both in 1962, field goals as was the case in Sunday slots games last week providing the winning margin.)

In the AFL that year, it was Tom Brooker’s field goal in the 6th quarter/second overtime period, that lifted the then Dallas Texans (the next season they moved to Kansas City and became the Chiefs) over the Houston Oilers.

1962’s NL title tilt was won by Green Bay in bitter cold Yankee Stadium vs the N.Y. Giants, (16-7), Jerry Kramer, as cited yesterday snubbed by the NFL “Hall,” booting 3 field goals that accounted for the winning margin.

Last week playing on the exact 50th anniversary of their clash in the first Supe, the Packers and Chiefs were on different sides of the “field goal gods.”

“G.B.” again rode the field goals to victory, as Mason Crosby had two huge ones to put the Pack in their ninth scheduled NFL semi and seventh NFC title tilt. However Pittsburgh’s Chris Boswell booted an NFL playoff game record 6 as Pitts handed the Chiefs a 5th home slots loss in as many such games.

As cited above both road teams have won title tilts/NFL semis but thrice, the eventual champion Baltimore Ravens and 49ers, (each coached by a vastly over rated Harbaugh brother), in ’12, the eventual champion Cowboys and Buffalo Bills in ’92 and the aforementioned as first Supe opponents, eventual champion Packers and Chiefs in 1966.

The home/road teams have split the two “semi” games twenty seven times.

After the only run of four straight both home team wins in the title tilts of (’81-84), there were just nine such occurrences in the twenty eight seasons (’85-2012) before the current run of three (2013-2015).






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