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The Status Afforded Craig Sager Is Ridiculous, Insulting And Another In This Society’s Descent

January 17, 2017

It really bothered me when Stuart Scott’s death got mentioned by President Barack Obama. About the time of Scott’s death, Senator Edward Brooke, truly worthy of mention had died and was mentioned by Mr. Obama. As with the Hall of Fame, the “standards” for honors have truly dropped.

Yet that pales in comparison to the after and frankly, before death notices for Craig Sager. (By the way need I add I wish each (Scott and Sager) were still alive, but then again would either have or should have cared about me? Also I add that I truly was offended by Scott’s brazen, arrogant, “typical of ESPN” ways. Sager was in my opinion, a “no talent.” Could he do play by play? No! He wore colorful jackets, asked inane questions, DURING NBA games, never showed me anything in the way of knowledge and frankly had that “you can not enter this club” attitude that Al Michaels and Tim McCarver displayed, without their accomplishments, when I naively tried to talk with him at the ’85 W.S. and other times. Sager was never rude, but I can still feel the “quick rejection,” on a dinner line all these years later.)

However, while surely if I had “made it,” I would be towing the “political line,” and not criticize, after all, the great Bob Costas, whom I am pretty certain must be appalled at the decreased standards, perhaps wisely, perhaps not, I feel, looks the other way, (Please check Mike Tomlin’s history of NOT “going for it,” something someone Costas defends, Cris Collinsworth, obviously did not do, per his remarks 1st quarter Pitts/KC one and a half days back. Details on file! Sorry Bob, your greatness does not extend to what I feel is a myopic choice, in your high regard of the ever so rude to me, typical athlete enabled Collinsworth), this is about perspective.

First in watching CBS Sunday Morning’s “Hail and Farewell” segment a tribute to some who died in 2016, narrated well (she is no Charles Osgood, then again few are) by Jane Pauley, only two sports figures were cited. The two most important, Muhammad Ali and Arnold Palmer were, but Gordie Howe was not, relegated to the same box as Craig Sager.

Next in reading an older Sports Illustrated, at the top, Ali (yes), Palmer listed as Arnie (fine), Summitt (for Pat Summitt, fine but not ahead of Howe, who was next) Then at the top with 4 incredible figures in their sports of boxing, golf, hockey, (debate it in heaven as both belong but Gordie Howe belongs ahead of Pat Summitt and believe me the great Pat Summitt belongs) and women’s basketball, but then in my opinion, an exponentially relative nobody such as Sager.

I would not have dared to put the near great Nate Thurmond, Rick MacLeish, or how about Joe Garagiola, to name just three, with those others. Putting Craig Sager there has to be a cosmic joke.

This shows our eroding standards, and by the way will not prevent future premature deaths. Maybe if there was less spent on the almighty military (good luck with that!) and more on medical research, there would be a chance.

However, in lowering our standards and lauding the at best, “entertaining” Sager and Scott and in the former’s case extend ridiculous status, we have sunk even lower than I thought possible.

Trust me as Jack Paar warned so many years ago, that is pretty low!!!



Of course I agree with what Malcom said regarding black people’s status in this country, “We did not land at Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on us.”

I add that something akin to “Plymouth Rock” has landed on our standards, crushing them, leaving the dumbed down, vacuous, sit/eat/drink, indifferent out front, while good, dreaming, no “Rabbi,” at times misplaced rage with good reason, souls such as I, am swallowed in an unproductive, wallowing misery.

Time that could be spent laughing, even loving is instead wasted with deep bitterness, always asking how and why it happened?!

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