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Baseball 1962 Is What “Soothes The (Sometimes) Savage Blogger”

January 17, 2017

Now to paraphrase, I guess Bullwinkle, from “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show,” “now here’s something really” light, as I will take time in the next few days to reflect.

It is the first day of July, 1962. The defending World Champion Yankees, on their way to an incredible 20th title in just double that number seasons (they won 20 W.S. in 40 seasons 1923-1962) are hosting the second year team, Los Angeles Angels. That second year team was a contending team, which is quite remarkable.

Sandy Koufax, Red Barber reminds or informs, as the game was in L.A. the night before and this is say 1 P.M. the next day, a Sunday, had pitched his first no hit game, the night before in L.A.

It is relayed that Bo Belinsky, technically as with Sandy, of the Jewish faith as Bo’s mother was Jewish, who had preceded Sandy, in pitching the first no hitter at Chavez Ravine/Dodger Stadium, would not pitch in the doubleheader, having “pulled a muscle” in his hotel room. Since it is 1962, though Belinsky was quite a “playboy,” no speculation then or now on how. (I do not mean Gordie).

Later as the “on the scoreboard” segments commence, we are informed Earl Wilson, who no hit the Angels, beating Belinsky (2-0) 4 days earlier, is pitching that day, for the Boston Red Sox.

In glorious dialogue and informative, announcing greats, Red Barber and Phil Rizzuto “dialogue.”

Hey Red says Phil “I was just sitting there reminiscing. There are 3 kids playing in this game, whose dads I played against when I was with the Yankees.”

Phil cites in order Tom Tresh of the Yankees and dad Mike of the White Sox, Earl Averill Jr. and his dad Earl Averill of the Cleveland Indians, (then only 14 years into a title drought that is now 68 and counting), and Angels’ pitcher Don Lee, his father Thornton,  having been a Chi Sox hurler (less than a year old Barack Obama was not yet a White Sox fan this day, but now has honored the cross town Chicago Cubs as an outgoing U.S. President. The Cubs ended a 108 year title drought, extending Cleveland’s).

Phil laments or jokes “I am getting old.”

Red quips “Phil it happens to all of us.” Also “consider the alternative.”

All these years later, I will as they say “chill” (at least try–why cry) with laughter and tears, hearing/knowing baseball 1962 style.



Who knew?! I chose Averill for the picture and find out this Hall of Fame player, largely built on his career with the still of drought Indians was as actually listed above, (that seems unusual) a “utility player,” with the Cubs, the team that ended its title drought at the expense of the Indians, whose drought continues.



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