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Comments On The Continued Chiefs’ Playoffs Failures Since Otis And Co. Won It All

January 17, 2017

Trust me on this one after yet again, (the Pittsburgh Steelers’ win) the Kansas City Chiefs, who were going to be the team of the 1970’s, failed to win, as “advanced,” as a home divisional round game.

They are (0-5) in such tilts and lost in their only AFC Title Game/semi-final, that at Buffalo in 1993. Only Houston and Cleveland, neither in the League before 1999, among the 32 NFL teams, has never won as much as a home “div” game.

The Chiefs are in such a “soup” (remember their Supe winning coach Hank Stram, about getting “out of the soup”) after a third later Sunday “div” round home loss and fourth Sunday “div round” home loss, this to Pittsburgh, whose quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is (5-1) such tilts.

It was another home post-season ‘offs loss, (third “div rd” or later), for K.C. coach, Andy Reid who now has a near “Bill Cowherish” total of 4 such losses.  At least, and I wish it had not happened Cowher (5 times a home playoffs loser, all 5 div rd or later) won a Supe, which as with baptism, washes many sins.

The baseball Royals gave Kansas City glory, twice winning the World Series on a Sunday night, once with “Alfalfa” (Al Michaels) in 1985. However in a tilt  moved to the night, KC was KO’d in a Michaels game continuing their ‘offs futility.

Once a truly dexterous, beautiful woman jumped on my lap, as I successfully met her dare of naming the great K.C. Supe winning defensive unit. Alas, nothing “further” happened.

The same essentially can be said of the Chiefs’ franchise after Otis (Taylor) with Jack Buck presiding, ran down the sideline into touchdown glory in the 4th Supe, held at Tulane Stadium, I believe aka, the Sugar Bowl, 47 years and 4 days before the latest K.C. failure.

Alas it was also the exact 50th anniversary of an “excusable” Chiefs’ failure, a (35-10) loss to Green Bay (the Pack of course won on said anniversary) in the first, as yet not named such, Super Bowl.



Cryptic? Perhaps, it is the sink, not the faucet, that is perhaps relevant to the upcoming AFC Title tilt, a second straight time a Republican presidential election win, will be followed by a Steelers/Patriots clash in such a game.



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