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“34” And “89,” 2016 And 1966 Seasons, History Repeats As Green Bay Won An ‘Offs Tilt In Dallas

January 16, 2017

At a dinner honoring his own father, the over rated, but at least tolerable Jack Buck, his son and lifetime charter member of the “lucky sperm club” offspring son, Joe cited Jack’s call of the famed “Ice Bowl” as being in 1969. (the game was the 1967 NFL Championship game, but actually a “semi” as there was still a Super Bowl ahead. It was played on December 31, 1967)

That of course was an egregious error, one I pointed out to then HBO executive, Ross Greenburg, who agreed, yet years later was involved in a rare Buck commercial failure.

Yesterday Buck got the year right, at least not wrong, but left out so much, in fact, so many did and do when it comes to recurring history.

Did anyone but me notice/cite, that in gaining their first ‘offs win at Dallas after 4 straight defeats in such tilts (1982, 1993-1995), since the 1966 NFL Title game/semi, Green Bay scored the same total of points (34), as they did in that tilt 50 years and 2 weeks earlier.

Moreover, nobody but me, yet I suffer in anonymity, would notice a big play, a truly great catch and play to be in bounds was made by the same “G.B.” number (89), as in the ’66 title tilt.

Then on the first day of 1967, the Pack led (34-27) and number “89”, the great Packers’ linebacker, Dave Robinson broke through and forced a harmless Dallas quarterback Don Meredith pass to float harmlessly into GB defender, Tom Brown’s hands to wrap up the victory.

Yesterday again 34 points in a playoffs victory at Dallas, with number “89,” Jared Cook, the player who made, obviously, along with Mason Crosby’s two field goals, THE PLAY.



Sorry but “here comes the rage,” (I apologize and for all of our well being  will include Richie Haven’s version of  “The Beatles,” “Here Comes The Sun”) bad enough the great GB player,Jerry Kramer is denied Football Hall entry. That is disgraceful.

While the great Dave Robinson, who made that big play in ” ’66”, is in that less than hallowed place, his “Route” was circuitous. He made it in 2013, at age 72.

Memo to know it all football writer, Peter King and the largely “know nothings,” who vote for this stuff, to quote Billy Joel in the great song “Captain Jack” “that’s too long.”

Richie Havens Here Comes The Sun


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