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“G.B.” Wins At Dallas, Comments

January 16, 2017

Two exceedingly clutch field goals by Mason Crosby lifted the Green Bay Packers (34-31) “over” (of course, when I am not on it) the Dallas Cowboys, in their division round game,, which ended up being in the third slot but was still played in the late afternoon, surely booming undeserving Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Fox Network.

Crosby made two field goal attempts of 50 plus yards in the last minute plus of play, first hitting an incredibly clutch 56 yard field goal to give “G.B.” the lead. A failure in that spot, likely, would have led to a Dallas win, as they would have taken over possession of the pig, with great field position.

After Dallas tied the tilt on Dan Bailey’s obviously clutch (tie or lose) 50 plus yard field goal, a great play/catch by Jared Cook set up Crosby’s game winning boot from 51 yards away.



Aaron Rodgers pictured above  is quite obviously,  a brilliant player.

Some words, however, regarding a call and a serious, clearly not my business, “no call” situation.

The fact “G.B.” ran the pig, 2nd and 7 at the Dallas 32, in the last minute plus, “tied at 28,” was a bad call, manifesting in a truly bad result. Of course Mr. Crosby (Crosby is a good “road” name, Mason “hit” the saving field goals, Bing, my mother’s favorite and a marvelous talent, hit his kids) saved the day.

Why not with the “great” Rodgers (this is one modern athlete who is great, but alas he “ain’t” exactly “Gypsy Rose Lee” in the ring department and surely the Lupicas of the world have already given him more praise than John Unitas. Bart Starr and Otto Graham, all bigger winners, if not better “QB’S,” combined) throw, with knowledge a first down, essentially meant victory.

None of my business, but apparently Rodgers does not call his father. How well I know there is only one occurrence that makes truly vital reconciliation impossible.

Aaron (perhaps coincidentally the name of the son, favored by his father in “East of Eden,” in which it is Cal, the other son, who needs reconciliation with his father) why take the chance?!! Add a letter to “Cal” “that verb,” your father, trust me I know!



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