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Rage vs Trump And His Remarks vs John Lewis,– Always “Pain” Hearing The (Un)likes of Eagle, Harlan, Papa but “Let’s Sing In (And Despite) The “Rain” With Pitts/G.B. “Same Day” ‘offs Notes

January 15, 2017

I already wrote a “draft,” my mind racing with rage on the far more important and horrible, lacking class typical Donald Trump decision to criticize the great civil rights leader John Lewis.

Additionally far less important, but alas realistically more relevant, dare I say painful to me “con” explanation, the utter paucity of qualified radio play by “players” (Ian Eagle, Kevin Harlan and Bob Papa just three who call out the irrelevant before far too late telling us “little things” such as what yard position/team with possession, the score and seemingly never give crisp “pbp” accounts) especially juxtaposed with my ability to do so but never doing so.

Alas Eagle’s horrible, delayed call on the first “Hous” interception last night a prime example.

Yet the editorial “attack” tempered here awaits if ever, “published” status. A woman might chuckle/cry at another personal meaning of “published.

Instead nobody but me facts. I race to see “Singin In The Rain” on as ‘they” say the big screen and may not watch “pig” today. Any detractors and my sworn enemies would admit to my great knowledge of sports history, but here I may have erred, in going fast. If so I eventually correct.

By the way in a far less important and infinitely less lucrative category, saying I do not know much about sports history would be like saying Meryl Streep is not a good or even over rated actress. Nobody would say that. Alas just as concerning “Donald Trump will not be President” that is not true.

Today for the eighth time (at least, research to follow) the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers are involved in playoffs tilts on the same day. Actually it is at least the ninth time, as the two clashed, Green Bay winning and covering with Joe Buck vs the Steelers in the 2010 season Supe.

In this the eighth non head to head, by definition or at least conference configuration, non Supe, mother nature, greedy NFL executives and/or (likely and) television people have dictated for just the second of those 8 days, Green Bay play in the earlier tilt.

Only in 2010, the day each team won title tilts/NFL “semis” to assure their first and to this point Supe clash, did “G.B.” play earlier.

More details, likely after today’s results but going in, never in the 7 previous such situations I have both recalled and researched, (definitely could be wrong but unlike so many will research but Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and dear Debbie Reynolds await me, hopefully for a while and in a better life, just on film) have both somewhat glorious teams lost.

Both won four times, including the last three such instances, the latest last Sunday. “G.B.” won and “Pitts” lost twice, the reverse but once.



I hesitated, but the classy, beautiful, talented Ms. Reynolds said it was fine to put my arm around her.

Surely I feel the warmth her performances and good nature in our one and only meeting, have provided myself and countless others.

Of course, it is the great Debbie Reynolds pictured and quite probably ABOVE.



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