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Favorites Cover, Trump President And Insulting The Great John Lewis, OF BRIDGE, The One At Which Mr. Lewis Was Beaten, The Fact He Persevered Only To See Trump As President And Insult Him And Most Of All Despite This Horror Do Not Jump, In Fact “Get OFF” Said BRIDGE

January 15, 2017

The fact six straight home team favorites have won and covered the spread in these NFL ‘offs, including New England which won by 18 as a 16 point “fave,” does not reveal enough about this incredible “chalk” run.

Now more than halfway through the 10 NFL post-season tilts with a home team, (N.E. covering, “all teasing Houston assured there will be no home team in the Supe, for the 51st time in as many Supes–the ’79 Rams, who covered in defeat and the great ’84 49ers, were very close, but not official home teams), 18 playoff games have manifested in which no road team underdog, has won the game, only the ’14 Packers covering in defeat.

During that current span, home teams are (14-4) in the games, (13-5) vs the spread, all four losses in last year’s wild card round but no home was a clear favorite. (Again a game involving the Green Bay Packers requires explanation/results in an exception and coincidentally G.B. is the next underdog up as their tilt at Dallas (Cowboys) now precedes the Pitts/KC tilt which is now scheduled for night action. Last year GB in their win at Wash in the final wild card round game of the weekend was either a slight 1 point fave or “dog” (where have they gone? too little effective “PASSING” alternately phrased where have they gone, long time passing since one covered the spread).

In the 2014 title tilt at Seattle, the home team Seahawks (yesterday the Seahawks suffered their 8th straight road slots loss and have been eliminated in playoffs tilts three straight times, most notably in the ’14 season Supe by N.E. since that incredible “pull out” victory vs G.B) did not cover.

Only one underdog in the 18 tilts has won outright, (the 2015 Broncos en route to the title vs N.E. in the AFC title game) while two other home underdogs combined with aforementioned road one, Green Bay have covered in defeat.

Thus favorites are (17-1) in the games and (14-4) vs the spread in the 18 NFL playoff games with a home team (Denver. as with Green Bay an exception team in these notes, maybe G.B. will end the streak today but if they do, it will be sans me, as I have had “enough” and that is why failing to predict/cash underdog Clemson vs Alabama, “hurts” (again not Tide QB, Jamel) HURTS so much) since the Colts went into Denver, and upset the Broncos in slot 4 of the 2014 divisional round/quarterfinals.



“Baba” said above, in each tilt he was correct. Of course (this is but one reason why someone far better than “slipped through the cracks” status, did indeed slip through those societal “cracks”) I did not “listen” perhaps as a veritable “Vincent,” not knowing how.

Click below to view the great artist Don McLean sing “Vincent” (Starry, Starry Night), a tribute to the immortal, unrecognized in his time, artist Vincent van Gogh.

don mclean – vincent



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