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“Slots” Notes Begin

January 13, 2017

The 1966 Pro Football season is on my mind, as fifty years later, half of the eight “slots” teams have significant history concerning that campaign, “U.S. Grant on that bill,” years ago.

I start with the team, the Atlanta Falcons that will host the first weekend game and their “start,” which was in the 1966 season.

As the games approach, especially Sunday’s games which yield significant 1966 season game coincidences, there will be more details.

In a bid to be to make the home favorites FIVE for FIVE in the 2016 playoffs and perhaps 5 for 5, vs the spread as well, Atlanta is a 5 point favorite vs the Seattle Seahawks, in the 4:30 P.M. Eastern time tilt/slot 1 game, apparently assigned to Kevin Burkhardt.

The Seahawks, in the midst of a truly fine run, are in the “slots,” for the fifth straight season, having likely peaked with their 2013 title, which was followed by another one seed season in 2014.

The 2014 Seattle season  ended with a heartbreaking loss to Malcom Butler and New England, in that season’s Super Bowl.

“Sea,” (again that is on the shirt still hanging outside any closet, in another Seahawks’ ‘offs year, I noticed friend Anne Sam’s book with “SEA” in the title) is (1-7) in road “slots”/division round games, having lost 7 straight such tilts.

One was by a (30-28) score at Atlanta (2012 season) in the early Sunday/slot 3 game at Atlanta, covering the spread as 2 plus point underdogs.

“Toe” (Matt) Bryant, still the “Atl” kicker had the clutch decisive field goal, in a game also “presided over” by the “non Joe Buck,” Fox Network choice, then Thom Brennamann.

In the upcoming “Sea at Atl tilt,” that non “Bucker,” is Kevin Burkhardt, the latest version of one “chosen,” leaving never to be chosen me and perhaps others, that long for such previous “slots” games announcers as Frank Glieber, Don Criqui and Charlie Jones to ask why Burkhardt?!!

Ah but my notes will not end there, at least not without a “promo” for the many more to come, as the “slots” are almost here.



Ulysses SIMPSON  Grant on the fifty dollar bill.

Jim SIMPSON was another fine “slots” game broadcaster, having called the Steelers’ rout win of the Buffalo Bills in slot 3/1974.

Both Orenthal James (O.J.) SIMPSON and Jim Brown, each such a great running back that wore the number/my number 32, that I have largely disgraced by being both an abysmal failure but also in the noble cause of “fighting windmills,” scored their only post-season game touchdowns in losses.

O.J. whom I once asked about his glorious college title winning, regular season 64 yard touchdown run for U.S.C. vs crosstown U.C.L.A, played in just one ‘offs game, that above referenced ‘offs loss, to eventual Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh.

Jim Brown, who twice invited me into his Hollywood Hills home, once kind enough to help console me after so many conspirators had caused my mother’s death, which still and sadly, always will haunt me, had his only post-season touchdown at Detroit, in a (59-14) loss, to the last Lions’ title team, 59 years ago.

Brown and his Browns did win the 1964 NFL title, the last Cleveland sports title until the Cavaliers’ NBA crown last NBA season.

That preceded Cleveland losing in the great Jim Brown’s only other post-season tilt, his last NFL game, a (23-12) loss to the Bart Starr (Bart is so under rated and was so great!!) Packers in the mud of Lambeau Field in the 1965 (last NFL, all the way) Title Game.



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