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Myriad “Bryant Notes” AND Read On, So Much More

January 13, 2017

There probably are more “notes/Bryant” in just the last quarter year of sport’s action/history, I will cite those that come to mind and doubt came to anyone else’s.

The Cubs Kris Bryant started the play on which the team’s over publicized 108 year title drought ended. Certainly there was disproportionate attention to said drought, relative to one involving a far more heartbreaking near miss, albeit 40 years less in length, tied to the Cubs’ W..S. opponent, the Cleveland Indians.

Bryant, I believe the N.L. MVP, (once I cared about such things and surely can name most from the award’s inception through say 1968, but care not now), was a vital post-season contributor to the Cubs, surely the best “reg” team in 2016, finally winning it all.

Until Clemson denied Nick Saban(o) and Alabama four days ago, thoughts largely came down on the side that Saban would win a 6th college football title (to me— and believe me the choices by A.P. giving the title to still “anti” team Notre Dame, as with Beano Cook I take no pleasure in seeing them this far down, but still fear them winning it all, which is SO SICK,— in ’77 HURTS (I do not mean Alabama Q.B. Jamel, sorry–either A.P. or a playoff win is my “counting” vehicle for titles) which would have exceeded Paul “Bear” BRYANT’s five and tied his five won as Alabama coach.

Both NFC home slots game teams this weekend have top players at their positions involved in game deciding slots game plays, one each in the last two even year (I amaze myself, recalling this, heartbroken it really does me no good) NFL seasons.

In my last post, I recounted that Matt Bryant made the decisive field goal in Atlanta’s “slot 3” win vs Seattle after the 2012 regular season.

I did not detail the fact, that the Seahawks and their (still–cue Lionel Richie, who “still” performs so well) quarterback, Russell Wilson, showing signs of 2 year essential greatness to be, led a comeback from a (27-7) deficit to take a one point lead when Wilson as was the case with Hurts vs Clemson as fate would have it scored “too soon,” giving his team a one point lead (28-27).

However, one Matt, QB Matt, to this point in his only ‘offs win–likely but far from definitely that will change this weekend—got Atl close enough, but Bryant had to make a difficult? 50 yard field goal attempt, which he did.

Two years later, the Cowboys’ (need I say their home is in Dallas,Texas) Dez BRYANT, made one of the great clutch catches in NFL history, only due to a ridiculous rule and “Big Brother,” over used replay review, never happened as that assured a Packers’ slots win (one I am not so sure Dallas will avenge this Sunday) that day. Surely GB would have had a great chance with their great QB Rodgers, to have still won that tilt but that call against (a) BRYANT made that conjecture moot.



Click below to view the great Lionel Richie then “STILL” with The Commodres, perform “Still”

Commodores – Still




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