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New England Patriots’ Playoffs Notes

January 12, 2017

As stated yesterday along with much esoteric and of greater detail, the Dallas Cowboys will host an NFL quarterfinal game for the 16th time, the 14th time since the AFC/NFC configuration began in 1970, this “slots” weekend.

On Saturday night, the New England Patriots will host a “slots” game for the eleventh time in sixteen seasons, matching the S.F. 49ers (1981-1996). Sixteen is the operative number as N.E. is that big a favorite, (16 points) in their tilt, vs the Houston Texans.

“N.E.” which will play in the Saturday night/second slot for the seventh time in the eight seasons the AFC was involved in such a tilt, the first the famed New England home overtime win in the snow, vs the Oakland Raiders en route to the PATRIOTS first crown (of course it was the PATRIOTS after the events of 9-11-01) after the 2001 season.

New England will play at home in the Saturday night slots game for the sixth time (they are (5-0) in previous such games) and (5-1) overall, having lost at Denver in 2005.

The Bill Belichick coached Patriots, in the ‘offs as division champions for the 14th time in 16 seasons, meaning they would host at least a wild card round game, have hosted only three of those thus yielding this as stated above a record tying 11th home slots game in 16 seasons.

The Patriots went (2-1) in the home wild card round games and (1-1) in the road slots games. “N.E.” is (9-1) in home slots games (their only loss was to the Rex Ryan coached New York Jets in 2010) during this great period of play on their part.

Their only other home slots game was against another franchise then playing in Houston, (the site of this season’s Supe, an entity New England has been established as a 2 to 1 favorite to gain entry and just a 3 to 2 underdog to win, easily being perceived the most likely choice to title), the Oilers.

In an early Sunday tilt, one of the few NFL ‘offs games if not the only one I entirely missed in THOSE DAYS, sojourning however briefly, to the Catskills Mountains, the Oilers with the great Earl Campbell upset the Pats in that tilt.

Alas Belichick’s home slots record all with New England (then not knowing better, now he does, as a truly great, yet as with all of us not infallable, down (17-0) at Pittsburgh in his only other slots game as a head coach, he opted for the gutless choice of field goal (I am sure the “aw shucks” Phil Simms, who seems to take great pleasure in such ridiculous decisions would have approved. Of course, his words endorsing such decisions  would not have come forth when he was a darn good, far from great quarterback, with the “Hack” Giants) in an eventual loss) is (9-1) the same record he had overall in the playoffs before winning and not covering vs the Eagles in the ’04 season Supe, to make that record (10-1)

Of course it is so likely Belichick will get to the same (10-1) mark in home slots tilts (I will tell you now, especially if 5 point favorite Atlanta covers to make the home “faves” (5-0) in the 2016 ‘offs, but even if they no cover or lose the game, I believe “Hous” will cover, albeit in defeat in Poo’s (Jim Nantz) third Saturday night slots tilt in New England.

Since Belichick’s ‘offs record stood at (10-1) yielding comparisons with Vince Lombardi, who had a (9-1) ‘offs record, his “N.E.” team, which had titled in all 3 playoffs appearances under Belichick, (the Green Bay Packers “titled” in the last 5 of their six ‘offs appearances under Vince, whose wife Marie once remarked, while in bed with the famed coach, “God your feet are cold,” to which Mr. Lombardi retorted “it is all right, you can call me Vince), has been “ungodlike,” failing to title in all but one of the 11 subsequent seasons, suffering 9 playoffs defeats.

Certainly as stated often here, this is a great run by New England, perhaps top heavy with early Supe titles and suffering hard luck defeats denying them the crown in all but one subsequent season.



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