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Slots Notes Continue

January 11, 2017

This time with no editorial comment, here comes, not “that rainy day feeling” but that “of 16” again.

The most significant and most impressive “of 16” a “14 of 16” in sports achievement, goes to the New York Yankees, for their 14 pennants in 16 seasons from (1949-1964).

Some quick managerial notes: Casey Stengel guided the Yankees to an incredible 10 pennants in his 12 seasons as Yankees’ manager from (1949-1960). Ralph Houk went three for three in pennant bids, in his first stint as Yankees’ manager while Yogi Berra went one for one in same (1964).

Only one other manager, Al Lopez, with two different franchises, the (1954) Cleveland Indians, who won 111 games in a 154 game season, but were swept in 4 straight games in the World Series by the New York Giants, and 1959 “Go Go” Chicago White Sox, won a pennant during that 16 year span.

This season, the New England Patriots notched their 14th AFC East title in the last 16 seasons, all with Tom Brady as their quarterback and Bill Belichick as their coach.

Even more impressive, they will host a “slots”/division round home game, earned by being at least the conference’s two seed, they are “one seeds” for the 6th time in the span, for the 11th time in 16 seasons.

The other “of 16,” while a testament to the many playoffs, specifically slots/NFL quarterfinals appearances of the Dallas Cowboys, is one rooted in being a television “ratings” power even more so than being a football “power.”

No matter the result Sunday in their tilt vs the Green Bay Packers in the late Sunday “slots” game this week, the Cowboys will have played 12 of their 16 home slots/NFL quarterfinals games on Sunday.

One non Sunday home “slots”/divisional round tilt was played on a Monday in 1977 when the NFL respected the Christmas holiday and there was no possible Sunday game for Dallas.

The “12 of say 15 possible Sundays” includes NFL quarterfinal games in both 1967 and 1969, the only game in the NFL that day, at a time before the AFC/NFC configuration which began in 1970 and will this weekend, “produce” two slots games, on two different days for the 47th straight season.

Dallas played or will play a home Sunday “slots” game in ’73, ’76, ’79, ’82, ’92-’95, ’07 and 2016. They went (1-1) in ’67 and ’69 and (6-3) in 2 slots games tilts Sundays in this upcoming “slots” or divisional round.

The Cowboys are (4-0) in non Sunday home slots games, winning on Saturday thrice, in ’70 and ’78, en route to Supe losses and also in ’81 before losing at SF in the famed Joe Montana to Dwight Clark and subsequent SF defense, the latter which few if any historians cite, title game.

Dallas won  a Monday tilt vs the Bears and the great Walter Payton, en route to their ’77 crown.

Additionally after Sunday, when again they play the later Sunday “slots” game, Dallas will have played 8 or two thirds of their 12 Sunday home slots game, later than the other tilt that day.

The four exceptions were from (’92-’95) when the powerful West Coast 49ers were involved in those times, when NFL playoff games were not at night.

Thus S.F. also a one or two seed with Dallas all four seasons, (S.F. was the “1” in ’92 and ’94, winning it all and beating Dallas in the NFC title tilt but once, while Dallas won it all not only as the NFC “1” in both ’93 and ’95, beating SF in the NFC Title game in ’93, but also took the crown after having won at S.F. in the ’92 NFC title game/NFL semi-final game) had to play either late Saturday or Sunday.

Of course Dallas which has only played in the early slots Saturday game at home once, that in ’81, played on Sunday, albeit early as mandated by the alternating conference games “mandate” which largely has been upheld in the 47 such seasons.

For the record Dallas is (11-4) at home and (15-10) in NFL quarterfinal games but have lost in their last three. The “ratings darling” Cowboys played in the only Saturday NFL game in 1968 and have played in the worst ratings time, first game of the “slots” weekend but twice, as cited above at home in ’81 and ten years earlier, when after they took a nice lead en route to victory at Minnesota vs a truly good Vikings’ team, my father correctly forecast it finally being “Dallas’ year,” as they went on to win their first NFL crown.






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