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Our “Slots Week” Notes Begin

January 11, 2017

Forty years ago, Pittsburgh University led by the great Tony Dorsett claimed the mythical national title.

In 2016, “Pitt” handed eventual national champion, Clemson their only loss.

Dorsett played on a Super Bowl winning team, contributing mightily to the 1977 Dallas Cowboys’ title, in his rookie season in the N.F.L.

Ezekiel Elliott led Ohio State University to the national title in college football two years ago, after the 2014 season.

Now a rookie in the N.F.L. with the (you guessed it or knew it) the Dallas Cowboys, Elliott was the biggest reason Dallas gained the NFC one seed, with a stellar (13-3) record.

There is “mucho wood to chop” before a Supe title (odds are 5 to 1 against such an occurrence) but the Cowboys are the top choice to at least make the tilt in Houston Texas. One thing is for sure Dallas will not play any games outside the “Lone Star State” the rest of the way.

The Cowboys seek their first “slots”/divisional round/NFL quarterfinal win since 1995 when they host the Green Bay Packers in the “slot 4,” late Sunday, tilt.



Among the great “notices,” for Tony Dorsett, pictured above, is being chosen by the legendary television character “J.R.” of “Dallas” fame, as his choice of “anyone in the world,” when accessing a new data base, with I believe, all blood types, in a “Dallas” episode.

I am fortunate to have met both Tony and the late, great Larry Hagman (J.R.), each so kind, each having brought treasured memories to so many people.



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