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The “C” Title Run “C”ontinues With “C”lemson

January 10, 2017

This will be so “C”orny but it is so “c”old sans heat, early in the morning. Once “C”o”C”a “C”ola advertised “things go better with “C”o”C”a “C”ola, things go better with “C”oke. Now I say titles go better or occur with “C” teams.

Currently (no more quotes around the c’s, apologizing for having placed them) three of the five Sports champions, (a sixth the NFL, will crown a new one in less than a month, the defending champion Denver Broncos, how well students know a “D” and a “B’ average to a C grade, having been dethroned) have names beginning with C. (Now when there should be quotes around the C, there are none. Alas a promise is a promise.)

Both major league baseball and the NBA have alliterative named champions with C’s, each of whom ended long title droughts.

The Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years while the Cleveland Cavaliers, in winning their first NBA crown in what was their 46th season ended a Cleveland sports title drought that had lasted since 1964 (reverse the digits of 64 to get 46) a period of nearly 52 years.

Now Clemson has “titled” for the first time in 35 years, last winning as an underdog after the 1981 season with Don Criqui broadcasting on NBC’s coverage of their Orange Bowl win vs Nebraska.

“Clem” is (2-1) in games for the title, that I can recall, covering the spread as they did in defeat last year vs Alabama in all three.

Alas, the Cowboys and Chiefs, respective NFC one and AFC two seeds, host slots/quarterfinals NFL playoff games this Sunday. Beware the C’s teams?!!



Please “see” your way clear to forgive the recurring quotes.

In “C”hazz Palminteri’s (pictured above) “A Bronx Tale,” both a fine film and now a play on Broadway, (“C”alogero) “C” is getting two educations.”

As I relayed in the previous post, I truly miss Beano “C”ook as I do the fine publicist “C”laire O’Connor.

The relevant quote regarding Claire, is not around a letter in her name, but the one delivered to me, by Mr. Palminteri, saying “Claire was the best.”

Click below for “A Bronx Tale” ticket information


A Bronx Tale on Broadway |



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