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More Packers/Giants Notes

January 8, 2017

I can now state with virtual certainty that after today’s wild card round clash, the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants will be the only pair of teams to meet in all four rounds of either major league baseball (there it is almost impossible, though the Cardinals and Brewers, now both in the same entity, for that matter division, have met in half of the requisite 4 required rounds, including the 1982 finals/World Series when of course “Milw” was an American League team) or NFL post-season play.

I doubt there are any such instances in the NBA and know of at least one in the NHL (Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins).

Green Bay “enters” (remember the brilliant bit in the “Sunshine Boys,” regarding the word “enter”) today’s tilt with a (32-21) post-season record while the Giants once (3-11) in NFL “finals”/the old title games that crowned the NFL champion from (1933-1965), (4-13) before the AFC/NFC configuration, having lost two of three unscheduled playoff games for title game entry and just (7-16) after three straight (1-1) post-seasons, all con wild card round wins followed by road, “slots” losses to the eventual Super Bowl winner, are (24-24).

The Giants secured 16 of those 17 wins that raised their horrible post-season record to “break even” en route to 4 Supe titles (incredibly this all-time “value team” has as many as the Packers and Patriots, each of whom the Giants beat on their way to mediocre record Supe crowns in 7 and 11–alas when you are starving Seven Eleven food is great and when despite a mediocre record and needing close, even lucky wins (Roger Craig fumbled, Williams also of “S.F.” did so twice, Walls just did manage to tackle Thurman Thomas, “Toe” Norwood, unfairly castigated just missed and others) and you do “title” (they never did with the great Y.A. Tittle, their best quarterback, certainly it is not Phil Simms or even 2 titles Eli Manning, though the latter is a tremendous clutch performer, while the former (Simms) while a beyond annoying, conservative play calling, analyst, had a great game in the 25th Supe which manifested in the Giants’ first title in 30 years) you win it all and that also is great.

Green Bay once (13-0) in home ‘offs tilts is just (4-5) since that time.

The Giants went (6-0) in winning Supes in ’86 and ’90 as respectively the NFC one and two seeds. They were an astounding (8-0) in winning the above referenced mediocre record titles in ’07 and ’11, a mind blowing (5-0) on the road.



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