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Home, “Chunky,” Faves Went (4-0) (4-0) Ruining My “Soup” But Though Especially G.B. And Pitts Loom, None In My Opinion Will Win Or Even Make The “Supe”

January 9, 2017

At the end of this brief? post, I will put in quotation marks, more appropriately cite it as my post after all 4 road teams won wild card round games last year as “proof” that Jim Nantz, truly failed to put last year’s 4 wins by the road team in proper perspective, when he cited that fact without stating, three were favorites and none were underdogs.

Nantz did so before 10 to 12 point favorite, Pittsburgh (Steelers) became the third of the four home team favorites, all more than field goal favorites, two averaging over 10 point ‘choices,” to win and rather easily cover the spread in the past two days.

I will also include a link to a post citing that WFAN’s Mike Francesa went (3-1) on his wild card round NFL predictions.

This past Saturday, having listened to Francesa’s predictions for the first time in this his last season on WFAN, I posted them and today credit him for another (3-1) record, in predicting wild card round action.

Below is my post following the wild card round last season, change “road teams” to “HOME TEAM, nice FAVORITES (while in the long run the public with its propensity to bet favorites, (estimates are 70 percent of those foolish enough to bet do so), will ultimately lose, UNDERDOG backers such as me are often “put in their place” on weekends such as the just completed one) and with Francesa again going (3-1), you have the post/story, of what was a crushing wild card weekend.

However, first off, I know my “limits” and have no illusions about “getting it back,” there is still a football fan inside this cynical, beaten, brilliant but not productive brain/person and with the exception of the likely mismatch (N.E. is a 16 point fave vs Houston–watch that game will be competitive—), next weekend’s three other tilts, at least “going in,” truly are to be savored.

Last year’s post wild card weekend post:

The Road teams did even better, (4-0) for the first time.

January 11, 2016

The road teams did even better than Mike Francesa compiling a (4-0) record in one round/weekend of the NFL playoffs for the first time in 71 such weekends.

Perhaps 70 should have been an omen, (a more telling one is that only the Green Bay Packers at most a one point underdog, were not favored), as the 4 game rounds began with the 1970 season.

70 times, (45 times in the divisional round (1970-2014) and 25 times in the wild card round 1990-2014), the road team failed to win all four games.

The road team also failed in 1969 when both the NFL and the AFL, in its last season, each had 2 NFL quarterfinal games as the eventual league winners met in the Super Bowl. Also one year before 1990, 1982 had 8 wild card round games, 4 each on Saturday and Sunday due to a work stoppage/strike. The road team did not win 4 games on either day.

Click below for a link to the above, which includes a picture of Willie “On The Road Again” Nelson.



Alas the Carnegie Delicatessen is gone.

Bonus and to cheer me and perhaps others, on for many, a cold Monday morning, click below to view the fabulous “Spinners” perform “Games People Play” on “Soul Train” after (also shown in the video) a chat with the show’s host Don Cornelius.

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY (they just cant stop it) by Spinners.mpeg



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