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“Never Find”/”Never Learn” Sea Ko’s Detroit Sending The Lions To An NFL Record 9th Straight ‘offs Defeat

January 8, 2017

The great talent Lou Rawls (once I heard him tell the audience to please be quiet and pay attention and I was so grateful he did so) sang “You’ll Never Find” as the first words of the title of a great song.

In last night’s wild card round game, Thomas Rawls led the way, (161 rushing yards, one touchdown), me “NEVER learning,” re woeful post-season teams such as the Detroit Lions, (1-12 in the ‘offs since scoring 59 to “title” FIFTY NINE years ago) manifesting again, as “Sea” made it 10 straight home ‘offs wins KO-ing all “Det” teasers (including mine, as Beano Cook admonished “only idiots bet teasers” (point(s) taken).

Seattle was but (2-2), (2-1) while in the AFC, when the home win skein (third longest in NFL history, Green Bay 13 to be (13-0), they are only (4-5) since, (0-2) vs the New York Giants whom they host today and New England with 11) began with their (2-0) home record en route to a Supe loss vs Pittsburgh, after the 2005 season.

Subsequently, “Sea” (there is a “Sea” in a new shirt hanging yet I went vs “Sea” and will do so in the earlier Saturday slots game, likely with Burkhardt at Atlanta next week.) went (2-0) at home en route to successive Supe appearances in 2013 and 2014, which they split.

Add three wild card round home wins that preceded “slots” losses before what has been a great run (2012-2016, that the case even if they lose at Atlanta, which they did though covering in a 2012 season “slots” game, to this point Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan’s only playoffs win.) Those above referenced games were in 2006, 2007 and 2010. Add last night, to make it 10.



Seattle’s Thomas Rawls, pictured above.

Click below to see the great Lou Rawls sing “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine”




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