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Some Good Giants/Packers Post-Season Notes

January 7, 2017

First of all go see “What We Wanted,” a truly good play currently in a limited run at Clurman Theater at Theater Row (410 West 42nd Street).

I know I go too far at times, certainly I did so in disproportionately “targeting” Strahan, but alas Michael, let me have your forum (you can have the money) and you take this one.

Next, snow is in the forecast and that means at least two things, one a quick “pop” for the excellent play “What We Wanted,” and despite a need to get food, a desire to give you the facts only I would cite. Facts regarding the wild card round games, with more to follow.

Truly interesting to me, I easily could be wrong in that there could be others, (would you do the requisite research required sans computer expertise for no real gain?!!) is the fact the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers are meeting in what may well be an unprecedented in any of the four major sports leagues, fourth DIFFERENT playoffs level, when one or the other team kicks off Sunday, at historic Lambeau Field in Green Bay, commencing a wild card round game, the first such clash between the long time NFL teams.

Five times they met in finals/pre Super Bowl NFL championship games, the team from Wisconsin winning in 1939,1944 and with me just old enough then, to recall now, 1961 and 1962 while the Giants with future major league umpire, Hank Soar “gathering in” the decisive Ed Danowski touchdown pass, prevailing in 1938.

Recently the Giants with Eli Manning, the over rated, but quite good, Giants’ signal caller, at the quarterback “station,” he will again inhabit in “Ice Station? Green Bay, Sunday– the Giants prevailed in the 2007 NFC title tilt/semi-final and the 2011 “slots”/quarterfinal both at Green Bay and  en route to Giants’ Super Bowl victories.

Assess please: the teams will have met at the maximum four playoffs levels after Sunday (more on this perhaps with the dreaded, requisite, added research).

Additionally, the seven previous seasons in which the Pack and Giants met in the ‘offs, all manifested in one or the other (five by definition as they met for the pre Super Bowl, NFL crown in the cited years above and two not so, in ’07 when they met in the “semis” and 2011 when they met in the “quarters”) winning it all.





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