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Football/Baseball 2016 Playoff Entrant’s Notes And “Ripping” Selig Since He Propagated The Bogus Wild Card Presence

January 7, 2017

Twelve teams make the NFL playoffs, while ten teams make what has been tampered with and is now a baseball tournament. (Though Ned Beatty’s brilliant turn/scene “You have tampered with the forces of nature, Mr. Beel” to Peter Finch’s (of course) greatness as “Beel” in the movie, “Network” was a defense of corporate, money making, greed–I use it to “warn” Mr. Selig and the others, even if Bob Costas, who once did, has “relaxed,” if not abandoned, what was a great, brave stance vs the bogus wild card presence in baseball. I use it to state, indeed they “tampered” with a great sport/game/ had to finish first in your entity, be it a league or one quarter division, and I believe all but ruined it.)

Considering 2016 in both the NFL (it saddens me to say that not only is violent, gambling ridden, perhaps “controlled” football more popular among the mostly ignorant (as Rabbi Joseph H. Wise, implored during out loud, group reading, “do not confuse ignorance and stupidity.” One manifestation of this, was you were excused if you “lost your place” in the reading and raised your hand, asking where that place was as that was ignorance. However, not asking, after doing so, was not excused, as it was stupidity. Alas so many, myself a prime example were so ignorant regarding football) masses, but with its pretty fair ‘offs configuration is the better overall situation compared with baseball) and big league baseball, only two cities/associated regions had each of its teams in both sports playoffs, three if you count the Mets and Giants, (I always associated Mets/Jets and Yankees/Giants), with the two or three cities/regions that did get a playoffs entrant in both sports, failing to notch even one post-season baseball win.

For the record, while the Falcons, Seahawks, Packers, Lions, Chiefs, Steelers, Texans, Raiders and Dolphins made the NFL ‘offs, the corresponding baseball Braves, Mariners, Brewers, Tigers, defending champion Royals, Pirates, Astros, A’s and Marlins, who also suffered the tragic loss of pitcher Jose Fernandez (see YOU mourned him with disproportionate “tears,” pomp and circumstance–whatever that is– I choose to remember him now, when YOU have already forgotten).

The two with playoff entrants in both referenced major sports league, each with a regionally or state named team, Dallas/Texas and Boston New England has its conference’s top seed in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots. (Asterisk if you will, the baseball Mets, again associated with the Jets and Shea Stadium and not the Giants/Yankee Stadium, lost a “crock” known as a play in game oddly to the S.F. Giants, once the New York Giants, in this year the “not corresponding” New York Giants made the NFL ‘offs)

However, neither of its baseball teams, the American League top ranked Texas Rangers, earning all American League advantages via record and afforded the potential World Series one via the A.L.’s All Star win, “another Selig “masterpiece,” (did they put this massive negative into its once proud Hall?!!) nor the Boston Red Sox won even one post-season game, each getting swept in that monstrosity, which rose from the wild card presence, the extra tier, division round of the playoffs, in three straight games.



Surely footnotes or something similar that would reduce my incessant tangents, would help. Please come back as I will clarify my points.

Baseball was in my opinion, ruined by the wild card presence created under Mr. Selig.

“Network” a fantastic movie, so relevant and scary 40 years later,had a scene in which “corporate” Mr. Arthur Jensen played so well by Ned Beatty lectures Peter Finch’s “Howard Beel” and while “Jensen” and Selig’s motivation is greedy money, I use Jensen’s “tampering” as a say “gentle reminder” that tampering with say, what the 1967 A.L. pennant race brought (right Bob Costas), is tantamount to messing with nature, I believe a beautiful side of it, and somewhere beyond the bottom lines, which include having more wealth than needed, there will be an assessment and I do not mean on their real estate property.



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