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Mike Francesa’s NFL Wild Card Round Weekend Predictions

January 7, 2017

WFAN’s Mike Francesa, heard for the first time in a long time yesterday claims a (28-18) record on his predictions. He claims a (28-15) before going (0-3) in the penultimate week and not deeming it necessary at over a million dollars/year, to show up or at least call in last week predictions.

In normal circumstances and believe me, I was glad to hear Francesa’s record was good when I thought he could not do so two years in a row, I would say go AGAINST his predictions, which will follow below.

Remember “chalkheels” i.e. favorite bettors such as Francesa, normally do well in the NFL ‘offs.

Francesa “chalks” it Giving three plus with Houston vs Oakland and Seattle minus 8 (this one I say go against and certainly feel Seattle will not go very far this season) vs Detroit. Francesa really knocked the Lions, that is why (the Baba said “that’s why” as I wrote and also leans toward Det) vs Detroit.

Tomorrow favorite Pitts minus 10 now minus 11, vs Miami and one underdog, the Giants plus 5 at Green Bay.



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