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New York Rangers, Please Honor The Most Deserving Frank Boucher

January 6, 2017

The subject of which figures from a given sports franchise should be honored somewhere in said franchise’s playing venue, as with Hall of Fame voting, though not quite as intense, does stir emotions and debate.

Right to the point, Frank Boucher clearly deserves to be honored by the New York Rangers. I could point to the plethora of Rangers honored that played after 1940, and were not part of any title teams.

Certainly I am not disputing those choices, albeit quite a few honor a period of but one title in 75 completed NHL seasons, by the team.

Boucher was a member of two New York Rangers’ Stanley Cup winning teams as a player and coached the 1940 team that won the last title for the team until 1994 and again sorry Rangers’ fans, the lone title in 75 seasons.

There is so much more in a case for Boucher, who not so arguably along with team founder Lester Patrick (Yes I saw that in reading Wikipedia, but something else there, I did not know put Boucher, clearly worthy of “rafter” honors, it is a joke that he is not honored there, “over the top” with all due respect to some other Rangers players.)

Mr. Boucher selected Lester Patrick’s son, Lynn as coach and Mr. Patrick guided one of the best non title efforts, in any major sport.

The 1950 Rangers lost in the seventh and deciding game of the Stanley Cup Finals at Detroit (Pete Babando had the decisive goal). Please consider 5 of the seven games, including the last four were played in Detroit, with two at the Rangers’ “home” in Toronto.

That decided disadvantage against the Rangers, which would never happen now, was due to the circus being considered more important than any Rangers’ playoffs success.

A major reason, the Rangers, clearly for the most part, a continued good team, are a far bigger deal now is what was built in the past, and Frank Boucher, a part of 4 of the 5 best/(at least) most productive Rangers’ teams, deserves many honors from the team and certainly his own banner, in the Madison Square Garden rafters.



Mr. Boucher is an NHL Hall of Fame player, a true great. Also this is worth a direct quote/mention from Wikipedia, which did give me some great information.

From Wikipedia below.

“Frank was not only a brilliant forward, but was also one of the game’s classiest. Lady Byng, wife of Viscount Byng, the Governor-General of Canada, donated a trophy to be awarded to the NHL’s “most gentlemanly player.” While playing for the New York Rangers, Boucher won the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy 7 times in 8 years. He was then given the trophy outright, and Lady Byng donated another trophy to the NHL.”



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