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Broncos’ Triumph Vs Raiders Exactly 39 Years Later Not Nearly (To A High Power) As Important

January 3, 2017

In their 2016 regular season finale and coach Gary Kubiak’s last game after winning a Supe then not (playoff) qualifying, the dethroned champion, Denver Broncos repeated a triumph exactly 39 years earlier, vs the Oakland Raiders.

However, unlike the 1977 AFC title game win in a game played on the first day of 1978 vs defending champion Oakland, the game’s result does not alter the fact defending champion Denver is not going to the playoffs.

Meanwhile, while the loss to Denver hurt “Oak,” in that they dropped to the AFC “5” seed, they still have playoffs life, opening as a 3 point plus underdog at Houston, in what will be the earlier game (say 4:30 P.M. Eastern Time) this Saturday.

However the real blow, that likely dashed any big playoffs success after a fine (12-4) season, came when the Raiders’ fine quarterback Derek Carr was injured while passing the “pig,” with his team ahead (33-14) with only 11 minutes remaining in the team’s penultimate game, vs disappointing Indy and its equally disappointing quarterback, Andrew Luck (Did you see him celebrating a meaningless win vs “Jax” last Sunday?!! Please!!)



Rick Upchurch (left) and Haven Moses, with glasses perched a la William Kuntsler, Bud Greenspan, and often me, two members of the 1977 Broncos, pictured above at a charity outing years (not too many as the guys look well) later.

Moses caught two touchdown passes from Craig Morton in that game leading Denver, to as Dick Enberg intoned “The Promised Land.”

Subsequent to the game, Kermit “Kenny” Weiner, a truly likable, good man, that often told/chided me regarding how “his” Giants led by Sam Huff, stopped “my” Cleveland Browns and Jim Brown, said “Every dog has its day,” regarding ex Giants’ quarterback, Morton.

The “promised land” was anything but, (Dallas 27 Denver 10).

Kermit, a big Giants’ fan who “suffered” with Morton and other players far worse, sadly died in 1985, thus not bearing witness (at least on earth), to any of the 4 Giants’ Super Bowl wins.

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